SIM Based Service Assurance for IoT Applications

SIMbae™: SIM based application engine

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth opportunity for vertical industries and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), but there are challenges and risks. The recent hacking of a Jeep while it was driving on a public road illustrates the risks to all IoT devices and segments. On the network side, millions of autonomous machines trying to access the mobile network at the same time can cause catastrophic network outages.

SIMbae(tm), a patented technology from Able Device enables purpose-built machines such as utility meters and security systems to embed and execute a remote monitoring and control application on a mobile operator's SIM card rather than an discrete CPU.

The lack of a standard embedded connectivity architecture creates valueless costs and complexity for developers. SIMbae™, by Able Device, overcomes these challenges and risks by enabling the embedding and execution of IoT apps on MNOs’ SIMs.

The SIM is a secure processor requiring network authentication for app access, providing increased security. MNOs can also define and embed on the SIM the Network Access Software (NAS) for the device, eliminating risks to their networks. Lastly, the SIM is a global standard, with embedded apps updated via a secure, globally standard Over-the-Air method. SIMbae provides these advantages regardless of the communications bearer (i.e. Wi-Fi) and enables an IoT app store model.

» SIMbae provides the missing link

MNO Advantages

  • Positions the MNO to provide developers with a value added IoT development environment & standardized architecture.
  • Provides the MNO with the ability to control how autonomous machines communicate with their network, increasing IoT service assurance.
  • The current, standard MNO SIM Authentication is used to create a highly secure Application Access Authentication, increasing the MNO’s value beyond connectivity.
  • Enables MNO to offer an innovative App Store model via OTA for IoT devices and applications.

App Developer Advantages

  • Standardizes architecture minimizing hardware design efforts, shifting the focus to software.
  • De-integrates the IoT device and software.  This enables an app store model with the app delivered via the global standard MNO OTA method.
  • Massively increased application security as Authentication is executed via the SIM (secure element) in conjunction with the network.
  • Eliminates the need to understand and develop software to handle mobile network communications.