Able Device and Limitless Mobile to Exhibit SIMbaeTM in GSMA Innovation City During Mobile World Congress Americas 2017

Standards compliant SIM-based solution demonstrates IoT/M2M use cases to improve security and enable mobile IoT application hosting.

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Able Device and Janus to Demo SIMbaeTM Mobile IoT Application Hosting at Mobile World Congress Americas

Standards compliant SIM-based solution showcases mobile IoT application hosting as part of GSMA Innovation City.

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Able Device’s COO listed among 2017 Women of M2M

Leigh Ann Ryals honored by Connected World magazine and will be a featured guest on The Peggy Smedley Show

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SIMbae’s Value Proposition Explained in 100 Seconds!

Quickly and affordably develop, deploy, and manage IoT devices with SIMbae.

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SIM based tools for managing IoT applications and device communications

SIMbae™ by Able Device is a light-weight SIM-based application engine that embeds on MNO / MVNO SIMs, providing standards based IoT Device Connectivity and Network Management Tools.
SIMbae improves:

SIMbae empowers the Standard MNO / MVNO SIM to Provide Solutions to Network Related IoT Problems

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth opportunity for vertical industries and Mobile Network Operators (MNO / MVNOs), but there are challenges and risks. Often enterprises and MNO / MVNOs can’t determine if a machine is not reporting in due to application or communications issues. The recent hacking of a Jeep while it was driving on a public road illustrates the risks to all IoT devices and segments. On the network side, millions of autonomous machines trying to access the mobile network at the same time can cause catastrophic network outages.

SIMbae by Able Device overcomes these challenges and risks by providing SIM based tools for managing IoT applications and device communications.

SIMbae Advantages: Existing Assets, Minimal Cost, Big Value

SIMbae resides on the MNO / MVNO SIM and is a licensed software product sold in value-added modules, and provides:

  • SIM-based applet that runs independently of the cellular module and IoT host application, providing connectivity information, diagnostics, and tools to investigate connectivity issues
  • Profitable SLA when launching or roaming on different PLMNs, maintaining business case integrity
  • Service assurance for the device and network during times of extreme congestion
  • Enables MNO / MVNO to offer an innovative App Store model via OTA for IoT devices and applications
  • Allows the CPU executing the IoT app on the device to leverage the standard, active network & SIM managed security for the application