Company Overview

A Belief in Standards

Able Device’s belief in standards based tools and technology to enable seamless interaction between network and devices lead to their innovative product SIMbaeTM.

Able Device was founded by a team of experienced embedded communications experts who believe in the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s potential to reach mass scale.

Able Device believes that in order for the IoT to achieve mass scale, there must be seamless interaction between the network and autonomous devices, and that the pathway to that seamless interaction is achievable by implementing standards based tools and technology.

Historically, it’s been virtually impossible to develop tools and technology that will work on all mobile networks and all devices. This is because although mobile networks and their elements are based on international standards, each autonomous device is uniquely architected with components, operating systems, and application software that best meet the intended purpose of that device.

To resolve this, Able Device has utilized the SIM – which is the one standard, powerful, and massively underutilized component that already adheres to international standards and is in every device – to develop their intellectual property and their innovative, standards based technology: SIMbae, which enables seamless interaction between the mobile network and autonomous devices.

Every prospective IoT Service Provider that learns about SIMbae and its underlying innovation brings us new use cases for real-world challenges they desire to overcome, such as those related to such as QoE, network efficiency, security, and device tools, diagnostics and apps.

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