How One Raleigh Startup Is Revolutionizing SIM Card Use – GrepBeat

With its innovative technology, Raleigh-based startup Able Device enhances the capabilities of a ubiquitous but underutilized device: the Subscriber Identity Module, more commonly known as the SIM card. But the SIM is not just in your phone, it’s in every Internet of Things (IoT) device connected to a mobile network. This includes everyday items like … Read more

BICS and Able Device partner to simplify enterprise IoT

“BICS’ IoT solution already makes device activation and connection effortless for its enterprise customers. Now the powerful combination with Able Device’s applet software harmonizes seamless mobility of next generation connected devices.” Enterprises deploying private networks set to benefit from software agent to automate IoT SIM and eSIM connectivity into and out of their network. International … Read more

Published on IoT World News: Unleashing the Power of the SIM Across the IoT – by Roger Dewey

Connected devices of all kinds, bundled under the umbrella of the Internet of Things, are being positioned in the technology and business media as the next great area of growth in the global economy. These predictions precede the start of the century under the industry’s previous label of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. There are many reasons … Read more