Able Device Unveils SIMbae ™ 3.2 Empowering Enterprises to Create Custom SIM Applets for IoT and Private Mobile Network Devices Without Coding

Raleigh, NC, USA – May 3, 2024 – Able Device, a leader in SIM-based innovation for enterprise and IoT mobile devices, introduces SIMbae 3.2. These groundbreaking capabilities revolutionize SIM applet creation, enabling anyone with basic computer skills to develop customized applets without coding.  SIMbae enables enterprises to easily deploy and manage IoT devices, smartphones, and tablets globally … Read more

Able Device, Inc. Receives 2023 Private Wireless Network Innovation Award from IoT Evolution

SIMbae™ ‘s Innovative Capability for Public to Private Network Autonomous Switching Honored with IoT Innovation Award Raleigh, North Carolina September 06, 2023 – Able Device, Inc. announced today that SIMbae has received a 2023 IoT Evolution Private Wireless Network Innovation Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading publication covering IoT technologies. The award honors the … Read more

Unlocking Network Efficiency: A Conversation with Lieven Vanthomme

Are you looking to understand how to maximize your investments in private networks and gain control over your public network consumption costs? In an illuminating interview with Lieven Vanthomme, Managing Director of Belgium-based Telcofan and our European partner, we delve into how you can maximize network efficiencies. With over three decades of experience in mobile … Read more

Press Release 10/27/2022: BICS and Able Device partner to simplify enterprise IoT

Enterprises deploying private networks set to benefit from software agent to automate IoT SIM and eSIM connectivity into and out of their network Brussels – Belgium, 27 October 2022 – International connectivity and global IoT enabler BICS has partnered with Able Device, a pioneer in SIM-based mobile device application technology. The partnership will add SIMbae™– … Read more

New! SIMbae™ 3.2 and Configurator Demo

Learn how we revolutionize SIM applet creation and empower you to customize SIM applets for IoT and Private Mobile Network Devices without coding. 

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SIMbae™ is a cutting-edge Java Card SIM applet that is regularly updated to keep pace with market and customer demands. By using no-code configuration scripts, enterprises can effortlessly create customized applets that fit their requirements. The user-friendly interface of the SIMbae Configurator empowers IT departments to effortlessly develop and deploy applets at the department or device level. It also allows for easy updates throughout the SIM’s lifecycle, providing flexibility and adaptability. Compatible with any SIM, eSIM, or iSIM from any SIM vendor or Mobile Network Operator (MNO), SIMbae is a truly universal solution.
Watch below video to learn how you can easily customize prebuilt configuration scripts for common use cases to meet your specific requirements. We will show you how to customize its behavior by making simple parameter adjustments. You will see how SIMbae’s Management Portal (SMP) manages and monitors SIMbae and the unique no code, drag and drop capability of Node Editor in action.


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How One Raleigh Startup Is Revolutionizing SIM Card Use – GrepBeat

With its innovative technology, Raleigh-based startup Able Device enhances the capabilities of a ubiquitous but underutilized device: the Subscriber Identity Module, more commonly known as the SIM card. But the SIM is not just in your phone, it’s in every Internet of Things (IoT) device connected to a mobile network. This includes everyday items like … Read more

Press Release 10/24/2022: Able Device Announces Commercial Relationship with Harley Davidson LiveWire

Able Device to provide SIMbae™ for enhancing the Maintenance and Security of their Electric Motorcycles.Raleigh, NC – October 20, 2022 – Able Device, a pioneer in SIM-based IoT/M2M application technology today announced an agreement to provide LiveWire Group, LLC. with its flagship product, SIMbae, to enhance the maintenance and security of their electric motorcycles, LiveWire ONE … Read more

Press Release 5/16/2023: Able Device Revolutionizes IoT and Private Networks with SIMbae™ 3.0

Smart decisions and automated actions at the edge with next generation SIMbae™ software applet. Raleigh, NC -Able Device announces the availability of SIMbae™ version 3.0, a software applet that leverages existing technology to seamlessly deploy and manage connected mobile devices and networks. SIMbae™ is a SIM applet software that functions as a state machine residing … Read more

Press Release 3/18/2021: GlobalPlatform SE for IoT workshop: IoT end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity and convenience

The technical workshop will include use cases and demonstrations of secure elements supporting stakeholders to build, certify, deploy and manage IoT devices. Raleigh, NC – March 18, 2021 – GlobalPlatform, alongside Prime Sponsor, Oracle, and Supporting Sponsors, STMicroelectronics and Able Device, is hosting a free technical workshop on April 13-14 with extended virtual exhibition hours … Read more

Press Release 11/17/2020: Able Device Announces Third Generation Technology Enabling Vendor Independence & A Standards-Based IoT Developer Community

SIMbae 3.0 works across SIM generations, vendors, and platforms while providing an innovative new architecture to simplify feature development. Raleigh, NC – November 17, 2020 – Able Device, a pioneer in developing and commercializing standards-based technology to deploy, manage, and enhance Internet of Things (IoT) devices on mobile networks, today announced the launch of SIMbae … Read more