White Papers

Whitepaper: SIMbae™ Solution Overview for Mobile IoT Asset Management

Able Device is a provider of technology for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and IoT service providers. Its flagship product “SIMbae” (short for “SIM based application engine”) enables hosting of IoT device controls & applications on standard SIM cards. In this new architecture, the SIM is transformed from a “dumb” memory unit controlled by an external

Whitepaper: Unleashing the Power of the SIM

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth opportunity for vertical industries and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), but there are challenges and risks. The recent hacking of a Jeep while it was driving on a public road illustrates the risks to all IoT devices and segments. On the network side, millions

Whitepaper: Increasing IoT Application Security via a Secure Element – The SIM

Internet access is a must for the Internet of Things (IoT) when using services for data collection, tracking status, and controlling the remote device behavior. IoT devices most often are in remote locations where they are not attended; therefore, internet access is used to obtain the information they are intended to collect (utility metering, ATM,

Whitepaper: SIMbae Network Access Control

The purpose of this document is to detail the design of the network access control logic located within the Able Device SIMbae operating system. The GSMA IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines was used as a basis for the call control strategy. The guidelines explain the need for network access control and offer advice for achieving

Whitepaper: SIMbae – an MNO Controlled Method for Adherence to GSMA IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines

This white paper discusses how SIMbae, a patented technology from Able Device, can provide a robust, secure, and convenient method for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to implement and adhere to the GSMA IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines. As stated by the GSMA in its recently released non-binding permanent reference document regarding IoT Device Connection Efficiency