Able Device is proud to partner with the following companies.

Able Device is building a network of innovative partners that embed SIMbae into their offerings as a standards based solution to address real world IoT/M2M use cases and challenges associated with service assurance, connectivity management, and application security.

EMnify, the Berlin-based global cellular IoT and M2M connectivity platform provider, offers all SIMbae features on EMnify SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules). During Mobile World Congress 2017, the two companies jointly demoed SIMbae Key Exchange Manager (S-KEM), to securely transfer IoT app security keys to devices.

Janus Remote communications is a Wireless Enabler that provides state-of-the-art products and services for the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. Janus solutions are widely used by customers in AVL and fleet management, asset management, process monitoring and control, facility and energy monitoring control, health, safety and security.

Janus, a division of The Connor-Winfield Corporation, offers wireless products such as the Janus LTE910XF CAT 1 plug-in modem that in combination with an active LTE SIM, supports SIMbae Mobile IoT CPU (S-MIC).



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