Press Release 5/16/2023: Able Device Revolutionizes IoT and Private Networks with SIMbae™ 3.0

Smart decisions and automated actions at the edge with next generation SIMbae™ software applet.

Raleigh, NC -Able Device announces the availability of SIMbae™ version 3.0, a software applet that leverages existing technology to seamlessly deploy and manage connected mobile devices and networks.

SIMbae™ is a SIM applet software that functions as a state machine residing on top of any SIM’s OS. This patented technology embeds all app execution logic on the SIM, enabling smart decisions and execution of automated actions without needing to depend on triggers from baseband and application processors or the cloud. SIMbae™ executes through no-code configuration scripts that chains together events and actions supporting a number of enterprise use cases. Included with SIMbae™ are predefined script templates designed to deliver the best quality of experience to device users, enhance app and device security, improve mobile network efficiency, and seamlessly manage devices with IoT device tools, diagnostics and apps. Enterprises will have the freedom to deploy across different types of devices across multiple Mobile Network Operators and service providers. Customers can integrate SIMbae™ at any stage of their device lifecycle via OTA (over the air) or with SIMs shipped from the factory.

“When you think of the complexity and scale of managing heterogeneous connected devices at the enterprise level, we knew we had to design and deliver one version of SIMbae™ that can evolve and be easily configured to address each customer’s specific requirements” said Roger Dewey, CEO of Able Device. ”Our SIMbae™ configurator is a no code, node based scripting that anyone can perform — Java Card experience not required. Enterprises can realize value quickly and easily enable new functionality for a myriad of use cases to gain operational efficiencies, enhance device security, reduce costs and improve customer experience.”

To learn more, attend Roger Dewey’s session at IoT Expo North America 2023 on May 18th from 2:40 to 3pm Pacific time. You can also check out and see SIMbae™ in action.

About Able Device
Able Device is a software company established by cellular communication experts with over 10 decades of combined experience in mobile device connectivity, IP, and tools. Our mission is to unlock innovation with the SIM. We enable smart decisions and automated actions at the edge to solve complex challenges with the deployment and management of the fragmented ecosystem of connected mobile devices and networks.