Secure It! Use Case

Problem: Securely updating IoT app security credentials over public networks.

Solution: SIMbaeTM Credential Exchange Manager uses the mobile network and SIM authentication to transfer IoT app security credentials to devices.

  • Any type of connected machine or device is mass produced in a factory
  • All with the same password in the IoT application for efficiency
  • Include the SIMbae Credentials Exchange Manager API in the IoT application
  • Install SIMbae applet on the SIM or eSIM
  • Ship machines around the world and deploy for operation
  • A unique updated password is securely sent to each individual machine via a mobile network standard Class 2 encoded PDU SMS
  • SIMbae receives the updated password and passes it off to the IoT application in the device

Able Device Secure It! Use Case
Secure It! Use Case demo video