SIMbaeTM Credentials Exchange Manager

Securely Update IoT Application Security Credentials Over the Mobile Network

SIMbaeTM Credentials Exchange Manager (S-CEM)* ensures secure end-to-end encrypted updates.

*formerly SIMbae Key Exchange Manager (S-KEM)

The name was changed as the term “Key” was meant to indicate an application key, password, or other credential. The term Key caused confusion as it led some to assume it was related to the SIM authentication key or Ki, which we do not touch.

SIMbae’s Credentials Exchange Manager enables the remote updating of the IoT application’s security credentials in a standards-based method that leverages the existing components of a connected device and service. Running on the device’s SIM, SIMbae uses encrypted mobile messages to securely deliver an updated password or other credential to the device’s IoT application.

Secure It! Demo

SIMbae CEM Explained

Secure It! Use Case

Problem: Updating many remotely connected devices with unique passwords.

Solution: SIMbae Credentials Exchange Manager

  • Any type of connected machine or device is mass produced in a factory
  • All with the same password in the IoT application for efficiency
  • Include the SIMbae Credentials Exchange Manager API in the IoT application
  • Install SIMbae applet on the SIM or eSIM
  • Ship machines around the world and deploy for operation
  • A unique updated password is securely sent to each individual machine via a mobile network standard Class 2 encoded PDU SMS
  • SIMbae receives the updated password and passes it off to the IoT application in the device

Able Device Secure It! Use Case