SIMbaeTM Dynamic PLMN Manager

Providing Embedded SLA Control

Meet SLA requirements and maintain profitability.

Change It! Use Case

Problem: An IoT device roams on to a network that doesn’t meet commercial agreement service or price requirements.

Solution: Dynamic PLMN Manager (DPM) upgrade.

  • SIMbae ensures the best connectivity and price mix during roaming or initial installation of a machine
  • SIMbae updates PLMN table based on RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) and country codes
  • SIMbae’s PLMN base files can be OTA updated

Able Device Change It! Use Case

In order to meet the enterprises’ service and cost requirements for IoT applications, IoT Service Providers have identified the need for dynamic PLMN management during the initial deployment and roaming of IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices. SIMbae’s Dynamic PLMN Manager (DPM) component has been designed to address this need and provide an effective solution.

When the applet detects that the device has connected to a new mobile network, a simple table look-up is performed in order to populate the PLMN file with the corresponding entries for that specific machine in that location. This is done automatically by the SIM without any interaction requested by the user.

DPM selects the optimal available network based on an application’s connectivity and cost requirements. Active device embedded management of PLMN connectivity is controlled by the IoT Service Provider via a table embedded on the SIM and OTA updates. DPM assures that the IoT Service Provider can profitably achieve the SLA requirements of their customers.