SIMbaeTM Mobile IoT CPU (S-iCPU)

Host Complete Mobile IoT Applications on SIMs

Transform SIMs into standalone, secure, OTA updatable, mobile IoT application processors.

S-iCPU enables mobile IoT applications to be hosted on standard SIMs or eSIMs.

This new architecture transforms the SIM from a “dumb” memory unit controlled by an external CPU to an intelligent processor. S-iCPU hosts and executes mobile IoT applications embedded in a device without the need for a dedicated CPU or micro controller, which has the potential to materially standardize and simplify IoT device and application deployment and management.

Video: Host It! Use Case Demo

Host It! Use Case

Problem: Lack of a standard IoT device architecture results in complex and expensive development / deployment of IoT CAT-0 / 1 / NB-LTE devices.

Solution: IoT Application Host (IAH) upgrade.

  • SIMs are a standard processor in all mobile connected IoT devices
  • Virtually un-hackable
  • Saves cost, space, and power consumption
  • Global standard for OTA installations and upgrades

Able Device SIMbae S-MIC