SIMbaeTM Key Exchange Manager

Securely Update IoT Application Security Keys Over the Mobile Network

SIMbaeTM Key Exchange Manager (S-KEM) ensures secure end-to-end encrypted updates.

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Once SIMbae is in place, IoT Service Providers can easily add S-KEM. This value added module enables end-to-end encrypted updates, creates a secure ‘back channel’ key exchange using SIMbae and the network; and updates secret pre-shared keys at any time over-the-air (OTA).

SIMs have multiple layers of encryption keys that work in conjunction with the authentication center in the mobile network. Individual encryption keys on each SIM for network authentication and the individual application interacting with the OTA server are required in order to install or modify any application embedded on a SIM. This makes applications embedded on SIMs very secure and virtually un-hackable.

SIMbae KEM Explained

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Securely updating IoT app security keys over public networks.


S-KEM uses the mobile network and SIM authentication method to securely transfer IoT app security keys to individual devices.

Able Device Key Exchange Manager - Securely update IoT application security keys over the mobile network.