SIMbaeTM Mobile IoT CPU (S-MIC)

Host Complete Mobile IoT Applications on SIMs

Transform SIMs into standalone, secure, OTA updatable, mobile IoT application processors.

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Once SIMbae is in place, IoT Service Providers can easily add S-MIC, a value added module that enables mobile IoT applications to be hosted on standard SIMs. This new architecture transforms the SIM from a “dumb” memory unit controlled by an external CPU to an intelligent processor. S-MIC hosts and executes mobile IoT applications embedded in a device without the need for a dedicated CPU or micro controller, which has the potential to materially standardize and simplify IoT device and application deployment and management.

As SIMbae utilizes established and common 3GPP SIM standards and GSMA guidelines, IoT controls and applications implemented in this way become device and network agnostic — with benefits including shorter time to market, reduced development cost, lower operating cost, and improved security.

Host It! Use Case


Lack of a standard IoT device architecture results in complex and expensive development / deployment of IoT CAT-0 / 1 / NB-LTE devices.


The S-MIC upgrade embeds on SIMs which provide a standard processor for all mobile connected IoT devices. SIMs are virtually un-hackable thus increasing security. This approach saves cost, space, and power consumption while providing a global standard for OTA installations and upgrades.

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