Device Tools, Diagnostics & Apps

Device Tools, Diagnostics & Apps

IoT Solution Area Benefits OEMs, Service Providers & Enterprises

OEMs, service providers, and enterprises can benefit from Able Device's IoT solution area for Device Tools, Diagnostics and Apps by enabling any standard SIM or eUICC to securely host and execute a low bandwidth IoT application.

A suite of APIs & code libraries for common IoT functions and cellular modules are available as part of this solution area. Able Device's ability to provide standard tools and diagnostics deployable across all apps & devices can eliminate the need for a dedicated IoT app processor.

Able Device Device Tools, Diagnostics & Apps

Debug It! Use Case

Debug It!

Problem: Deploying IoT devices without the necessary features to diagnose issues in the field is a frequent occurrence.

Solution: Debug It! acts as a parallel software agent that runs alongside the device’s main firmware as a tool kit for diagnosing field issues.

Host It! Use Case

Host It!

Problem: Lack of a standard IoT device architecture results in a complex and expensive development/deployment of IoT CAT-0 / 1 / NB-LTE devices.

Solution: SIMbae IoT CPU (S-iCPU)