IoT Connectivity QoE & SA Use Cases

IoT Connectivity QoE & SA Use Cases

SIMbae's ability to actively manage the standard communications module functions via the SIM Tool Kit (STK) gives it the ability to improve the device’s Quality of Experience (QoE) and Service Assurance (SA) to rival that of fixed connectivity even when roaming.

The QoE and SA use cases are incorporated into SIMbae's RoI Model, which offers IoT service providers a modular questionnaire about business operations, which is then used as inputs to the Operational Efficiency Model, Customer Retention and Growth, New Revenue Calculation, and RoI Calculation sections.

SIMbae explained in 100 seconds

SIMbaeTM Network Management

Find It!

Problem: An IoT device is not reporting in to the server. Is the issue with the application or network connectivity?

Solution: SIMbae Network Management is a SIM-based application that runs independently of the cellular module and IoT host application.

SIMbaeTM Mobile Probe

Probe It!

Problem: Obtaining real-time statistics on mobile network performance and QoS throughout the entire coverage area at any time on demand.

Solution: Mobile Probe enables any device to report performance metrics on demand while roaming the network.

SIMbaeTM Service Assurance Back-Off Timer

Stagger It!

Problem: Network congestion risks due to autonomous machines being inefficiently programmed for network access, overloading networks in situations such as an earthquake, causing any device with a motion detector to try to report in immediately and continuously.

Solution: SIMbae Service Assurance Back-Off Timer.

The SIMbae RoI Model provides IoT service providers with a modular questionnaire about business operations, which is then used as inputs to the following sections:

Operational Efficiency Model
Calculates efficiency & operational related savings created by the deployment of SIMbae, and potential changes in the service provider’s annual net revenue.
Customer Retention and Growth
Provides revenue forecasts based on the reduced churn and related customer replacement costs as well as accelerated customer growth due to the improved QoE provided by SIMbae.
New Revenue Calculation
Uses the inputs about your business to project incremental new revenue gained from implementing SIMbae use case(s) and then charging customers for those use case(s).
RoI Calculation
Aggregates all of the above sections to provide a total RoI.