Device & Service Connectivity QoE

Device & Service Connectivity QoE

IoT Solution Area Benefits Service Providers & Enterprises

SIMbae actively manages the standard communications module functions via the SIM Tool Kit (STK) to improve device and service Quality of Experience (QoE), which rivals that of fixed connectivity - even when roaming. By utilizing the SIM's intelligence, SIMbae improves QoE without requiring proprietary or costly Over-the-Top (OTT) services.

Service providers and enterprises can implement SIMbae's Device & Service Connectivity QoE use cases for a multitude of IoT applications, especially those that are mission-critical. SIMbae enables improved QoE for device and service connectivity without the need for IoT device or app integration and is deployable over-the-air (OTA) or a SIM swap.

Able Device Device and Service Connectivity QoE

Change It! Use Case

Change It!

Problem: An IoT device roams on to a network that doesn’t meet commercial agreement service or price requirements.

Solution: Dynamic PLMN Manager (DPM) upgrade

Find It! Use Case

Find It!

Problem: An IoT device is not reporting in to the server. Is the issue with the application or network connectivity?

Solution: SIMbae Network Management is a SIM-based application that runs independently of the cellular module and IoT host application.

Link It! Use Case

Link It!

Problem: The SIM from an IoT device is removed and used in another device, creating unexpected costs and unintended device downtime.

Solution: Anti-Tamper (AT) upgrade

Pin It! Use Case

Pin It!

Problem: Assets that should be stationary are moved to an unintended location.

Solution: SIMbae Asset Monitor provides status updates on relocated assets.