SIMbae Use Cases

Change It! Use Case

Change It!

Problem: An IoT device roams on to a network that doesn’t meet commercial agreement service or price requirements.

Solution: Dynamic PLMN Manager (DPM) upgrade

Debug It! Use Case

Debug It!

Problem: Deploying IoT devices without the necessary features to diagnose issues in the field is a frequent occurrence.

Solution: Debug It! acts as a parallel software agent that runs alongside the device’s main firmware as a tool kit for diagnosing field issues.

Encrypt It! Use Case

Encrypt It!

Problem: A standards-based, mass deployable IoT device & app security method for low-end IoT devices such as meters & lights isn’t available.

Solution: SIMbae Block Encryption Engine Upgrade

Find It! Use Case

Find It!

Problem: An IoT device is not reporting in to the server. Is the issue with the application or network connectivity?

Solution: SIMbae Network Management is a SIM-based application that runs independently of the cellular module and IoT host application.

Forbid It! Use Case

Forbid It!

Problem: When roaming, a device keeps connecting to MNOs that it should avoid for any reason, such as pricing, quality, or access to diagnostics.

Solution: Stagger It! “Ensure Forbidden List” mode

Host It! Use Case

Host It!

Problem: Lack of a standard IoT device architecture results in a complex and expensive development/deployment of IoT CAT-0 / 1 / NB-LTE devices.

Solution: SIMbae IoT CPU (S-iCPU)

Link It! Use Case

Link It!

Problem: The SIM from an IoT device is removed and used in another device, creating unexpected costs and unintended device downtime.

Solution: Anti-Tamper (AT) upgrade