Shifting IoT Security, Intelligence, and QoE to the Edge

Able Device, headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, USA, is a global provider of embedded technology for IoT and connected devices. Our flagship offering; SIMbae, enhances the service offerings of MNOs & IoT Service Providers as well as the devices themselves when designed in by OEMs & ODMs.

What is SIMbaeTM?

SIMbae™ (short for SIM based application engine) enables hosting of IoT device controls and applications on standard SIMs and eUICCs.

The SIM is the only standard component in every device connected via the mobile network. Creating a new, standards based architecture, the SIM is transformed from a "dumb" memory unit controlled by the baseband processor to an intelligent, independent processor.

As SIMbae utilizes 3GPP SIM standards, working on all SIMs, implemented IoT controls and applications become device and network agnostic -- with benefits including shorter time to market, reduced development and operating cost, improved security, and the leveraging of the sunk cost and underutilized processing power of the SIM.

SIMbae Overview

In an environment containing a wide range of IoT devices across multiple MNO networks, SIMbae offers control of each device’s connectivity, including roaming and data connectivity that is independent of the MNO owning and/or operating a specific part of the network utilized by an enterprise IoT device.

By embedding the IoT application on the SIM and utilizing 3GPP standards, a high level of application and communications security is achieved. SIMbae can even host and execute vertical IoT applications embedded in a device without the need for a dedicated CPU or MCU, materially simplifying IoT device deployment and management.

IoT Connecting QoE and Status

IoT Connectivity QoE and SA

SIMbae’s ability to actively manage the standard communications module functions via the SIM Tool Kit (STK) gives it the ability to improve the device’s Quality of Experience (QoE) and Service Assurance (SA) to rival that of fixed connectivity even when roaming.

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IoT Device and App Security

IoT Device and App Security

SIMbae Credentials Exchange Manager (S-CEM)

Formerly SIMbae Key Exchange Manager (S-KEM)

The name was changed as the term “Key” was meant to indicate an application key, password, or other credential. The term Key caused confusion as it led some to assume it was related to the SIM authentication key or Ki, which we do not touch.

The S-CEM feature is the solution to the Secure It! use case, enabling the secure updating of IoT device and application credentials over the mobile network by turning the standard SIM in the device into an embedded security chip.


Embedded IoT App Enablement

Embedded IoT App Enablement


S-iCPU supports the Host It! use case, enabling any standard SIM or eUICC to securely host and execute a low bandwidth IoT application, eliminating the need for a dedicated IoT CPU or MCU.



Existing Assets. Minimal Cost. Big Value.

Quickly and affordably develop, deploy, and manage IoT devices with SIMbae

SIMbae empowers the Standard SIM or eUICC to Provide Solutions to Network and Device related deficiencies in QoE, Security, and application standards that are impeding the mass deployment of IoT devices.

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth opportunity for vertical industries and IoT Service Providers, but there are challenges and risks. Often enterprises and IoT Service Providers can’t determine if a machine is not reporting in due to application or communications issues. The recent hacking of a Jeep while it was driving on a public road illustrates the risks to all IoT devices and segments. On the network side, millions of autonomous machines trying to access the mobile network at the same time can cause catastrophic network outages.

SIMbae by Able Device overcomes these challenges and risks by providing SIM based tools for managing IoT applications and device communications.

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A Belief in Standards

Able Device’s belief in standards based tools and technology to enable seamless interaction between network and devices led to their innovative product SIMbae.

Able Device was founded by a team of experienced embedded communications experts who believe in the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s potential to reach mass scale.

Able Device believes that in order for the IoT to achieve mass scale, there must be seamless interaction between the network and autonomous devices, and that the pathway to that seamless interaction is achievable by implementing standards based tools and technology.

Company Overview