We are honored to receive the 2023 Private Wireless Network Innovation Award. The award recognizes how SIMbae™ revolutionizes seamless, reliable and fast switching between private and public networks. Read our article to learn more about the real-world challenges and how clients can realize value quickly.

About Able Device

Able Device is a software company established by cellular communication experts with over 10 decades of combined experience in mobile device connectivity, IP, and tools. Our mission is to unlock innovation with the SIM for IoT and private networks. We revolutionize decision-making and automation at the edge, solving complex challenges in managing connected devices and networks.

What's New & Key Highlights

Introducing SIMbae™

SIMbae is an innovative, patented SIM applet software agent at the core of Able Device’s technology empowering enterprises to create custom SIM applets for IoT and Private Mobile Network devices without coding. It leverages existing SIM technology to proactively keep your IoT devices up and running and seamlessly manage connected mobile devices and networks. This patented technology embeds all app execution logic on the SIM, enabling smart decisions and execution of automated actions.