SIMbae – SIM Based Application Engine

Empowering the Standard SIM or eUICC to Provide Solutions to Network Related IoT Problems

SIMbae is a light-weight applet that is embedded onto standard SIMs or eUICCs, providing them with standards based IoT device connectivity and network management tools.

SIMs are globally standard, fully programmable computers that are the only standard component in all cellular mobile connected IoT devices, making them the perfect host for mass deployed IoT service management tools.

SIMbae’s innovation is centered on enabling the SIM to execute programs independently of the baseband or application processor to control device components such as the communications module.

Because SIMbae adheres to all 3GPP standards, it does this without the need for the IoT Service Provider to change the deployment of their existing standard network elements, or to source proprietary servers or services.

Video: SIMbae Explained


Able Device SIMbae Diagram

SIMbae key benefits:

  • Works on any standard SIM or eUICC
  • Managed and controlled by the IoT Service Provider
  • Remotely accessed via Class 2 PDU SMS messages
  • Can be installed or updated via standard SIM OTA
  • Adheres to all standards and works with existing network elements – no additional servers or services required
  • Works with all communications modules that have an STK

“In general, SIMbae provides a standards based list of network functionality information which does not require anything from the communications module as the commands supported are 3GPP.”

— Head of IoT Solutions Architecture, US based Tier 1 MNO