A new way to solve enterprise IoT connectivity issues

74% of IoT projects (source: Beecham report 2022) fail due to challenges with enterprise IoT projects that are more complex than previously understood. Connectivity – coverage, reliability, bandwidth, latency – pose significant technical challenges. Enterprises accustomed to setting up wireless networks believe it is a simple matter of plug and play, not understanding that wireless devices were not designed traditionally with IoT in mind. In addition, IoT devices may be located in hard-to-reach areas, making it difficult to find consistent wireless service and costly to manage. Bringing 5G into the world of IoT and edge computing means discovering new ways of solving these issues and why we are delivering SIMbaeTM to enterprise customers like you.

Patented technology that enables independent actions

SIMbaeTMis a SIM applet software that functions as a state machine residing on top of any SIM’s OS. This patented technology embeds all app execution logic on the SIM, enabling smart decisions and execution of automated actions without needing to depend on triggers from baseband and application processors or the cloud.

Easily configured to support enterprise use cases

SIMbae™ executes through no-code configuration scripts that chains together events and actions supporting a number of enterprise use cases. Included with SIMbae™ are predefined script templates designed to deliver the best quality of experience to device users, enhance app and device security, improve mobile network efficiency, and seamlessly manage devices with IoT device tools, diagnostics and apps. SIMbae™ is easily configured to address each customer’s specific requirements. The SIMbae™ configurator is a no code, node based scripting that anyone can perform – no Java Card experience required.

The configurator can be stand alone or easily integrate with server cloud applications for device or subscriber management. Enterprises will have the freedom to deploy across different types of devices across multiple Mobile Network Operators and service providers. Customers can integrate SIMbae™ at any stage of their device lifecycle via OTA (over the air) or with SIMs shipped from the factory.

Enterprises can realize value quickly and easily enable new functionality for a myriad of use cases to gain operational efficiencies, enhance device security, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

SIMbae™ comes with available pre-built script templates for a number of use cases to accelerate solution creation for enterprise customers.

Quality of Experience

  • Devices connect for optimal coverage at lowest cost available
  • Ensure roaming devices are connected to strongest signal
  • Instantly diagnose why device is not responding
  • IoT device roams on to a network that doesn’t meet commercial or service requirements
  • Devices moved to unsanctioned location
  • SIMs are transferred to another device

App & Device Security

  • Securely update IoT app security credentials over public networks
  • Seamlessly deploy security credentials for ‘at scale’ situations with low end devices (eg meters and lights)

Mobile Network Efficiency

  • Stop roaming devices from connecting to MNOs because of pricing, quality, or access to diagnostics rules
  • Minimize network congestion when inefficiently programmed IoT devices reconnect or camp on the network at the same time.
  • Deactivated SIMs attempt authentication and creates unnecessary burden on network resource

IoT Device Tools, Diagnostics & Apps

  • Pre-load devices with features required for diagnostics
  • Remote reset of hard to reach devices


Gain Operational Efficiency

More resilient environment. Seamlessly secure, deploy and manage few to many heterogeneous connected devices.

Built-in Security

Safeguards IoT devices. Insulate devices from attacks and gain additional layer of protection for your data encryption.

Reduced Costs

Optimized network usage. Take the most economical and efficient path to resolution.

Improved Customer Experience

Best connection available. Connect to networks providing highest level of performance and connectivity while keeping costs optimal.

Realize Value Quickly

Pre-built templates and standards-based. Easy no-code, low code configuration scripting empowers teams to add functionality.