Mobile Network Efficiency

Forbid It! Use Case

Forbid It!

Problem: When roaming, a device keeps connecting to MNOs that it should avoid for any reason, such as pricing, quality, or access to diagnostics.

Solution: Stagger It! “Ensure Forbidden List” mode

Probe It! Use Case

Probe It!

Problem: Obtaining real-time statistics on mobile network performance and QoS throughout the entire coverage area at any time on demand.

Solution: Mobile Probe enables any device to report performance metrics on demand while roaming the network.

Stagger It! Use Case

Stagger It!

Problem: Network congestion due to large numbers of inefficiently programmed IoT devices trying to continuously access the network simultaneously due to an event such as an earthquake.

Solution: Stagger It! “Delayed Reconnect” mode

Wake It! Use Case

Wake It!

Problem: Devices requiring sporadic, non-real-time network access, such as meters, reattach to or camp on the network, depleting resources.

Solution: Stagger It! “Programmable Wake Time” mode

Zombie Killer! Use Case

Zombie Killer!

Problem: SIMs in IoT devices are deactivated, but the cellular modules continue to signal the network attempting authentication, thus using network resources

Solution: Stagger It! “Zombie Killer” mode