Mobile Network Efficiency

Mobile Network Efficiency

IoT Solution Area Benefits MNOs, MVNEs & MVNOs

SIMbaeTM enables MNOs, MVNEs, and MVNOs to control device connectivity based on criteria such as prioritization, congestion, time of day, and location. The uses cases within Able Device's Mobile Network Efficiency solution area empower service providers to control their network utilization.

MNOs, MVNEs, and MVNOs can quickly realize the network efficiency benefits SIMbae provides because there's no need for IoT device or app integration, and SIMbae is deployable via OTA or SIM swap.

SIMbae explained in 100 seconds

Forbid It! Use Case

Forbid It!

Problem: When roaming, a device keeps connecting to MNOs that it should avoid for any reason, such as pricing, quality, or access to diagnostics.

Solution: Stagger It! “Ensure Forbidden List” mode

Probe It! Use Case

Probe It!

Problem: Obtaining real-time statistics on mobile network performance and QoS throughout the entire coverage area at any time on demand.

Solution: Mobile Probe enables any device to report performance metrics on demand while roaming the network.

Stagger It! Use Case

Stagger It!

Problem: Network congestion due to large numbers of inefficiently programmed IoT devices trying to continuously access the network simultaneously due to an event such as an earthquake.

Solution: Stagger It! “Delayed Reconnect” mode

Wake It! Use Case

Wake It!

Problem: Devices requiring sporadic, non-real-time network access, such as meters, reattach to or camp on the network, depleting resources.

Solution: Stagger It! “Programmable Wake Time” mode

Zombie Killer! Use Case

Zombie Killer!

Problem: SIMs in IoT devices are deactivated, but the cellular modules continue to signal the network attempting authentication, thus using network resources

Solution: Stagger It! “Zombie Killer” mode