App & Device Security

App & Device Security

IoT Solution Area Benefits OEMs, Service Providers & Enterprises

OEMs, service providers, and enterprises can benefit from Abe Device's App & Device Security solution area by utilizing SIMbaeTM to transform the SIM / eSIM into mass a deployed, secure element / security chip.

Implementation of the App & Device Security solution area use cases enables SIMbae to not only repurpose the sunk cost of a SIM / eSIM into a mass deployed secure element/security chip, but it also future proofs the IoT hardware's security deployments.

Encrypt It! Use Case

Encrypt It!

Problem: A standards-based, mass deployable IoT device & app security method for low-end IoT devices such as meters & lights isn’t available.

Solution: SIMbae Block Encryption Engine Upgrade

Secure It! Use Case

Secure It!

Problem: Securely updating IoT app security credentials over public networks.

Solution: SIMbae Credential Exchange Manager uses the mobile network and SIM authentication to transfer IoT app security credentials to devices.