Able Device Unveils SIMbae ™ 3.2 Empowering Enterprises to Create Custom SIM Applets for IoT and Private Mobile Network Devices Without Coding

Raleigh, NC, USA – May 3, 2024 – Able Device, a leader in SIM-based innovation for enterprise and IoT mobile devices, introduces SIMbae 3.2. These groundbreaking capabilities revolutionize SIM applet creation, enabling anyone with basic computer skills to develop customized applets without coding. 

SIMbae enables enterprises to easily deploy and manage IoT devices, smartphones, and tablets globally on public or private mobile networks through the SIM, the only universally available and standard component. This bridges the gap between the needs of the enterprise IT ecosystem and today’s mobile telecommunications ecosystem that primarily serves mobile network operators (MNOs).

SIMbae is a feature-rich Java Card SIM applet, constantly updated to meet market and customer needs. Using no-code configuration scripts, enterprises can easily assemble applets tailored to their requirements. The SIMbae no code Node Editor’s intuitive interface empowers IT departments to create and deploy applets at the department or device level, with flexibility for updates throughout the SIM’s lifecycle. 

One of the remarkable features of SIMbae is its compatibility with any SIM, eSIM, or UICCs from any SIM vendor or Mobile Network Operator (MNO), making it a truly universal solution. Additionally, it offers predefined script templates for common use cases, analogous to MS Excel®, which can be easily customized by users to meet specific requirements.

Roger Dewey, CEO of Able Device, compares SIMbae to MS Excel, emphasizing its simplicity and versatility. “SIMbae enables users to configure SIM applets without any knowledge of Java Card or SIM technology; similar to how people use Excel spreadsheets without having to write the underlying code or create the functionality formulas from scratch,” said Dewey.  

SIMbae can operate independently, with embedded rules and event logic, or integrate with device/connectivity management platforms for network or cloud-based functionality. The current range of capabilities allows for the creation of applets that cater to various use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Device connectivity quality of experience 
  • Device and app security 
  • Network efficiency 
  • Connected device tools, diagnostics, and apps 

Enterprises can make smart decisions and execute automated actions at the edge with the next generation SIMbae™ software applet. You can learn more about SIMbae here (

About Able Device 

Able Device is a software company established by cellular communication experts with over 10 decades of combined experience in mobile device connectivity, IP, and tools. Our mission is to unlock innovation with the SIM for IoT and private networks. We revolutionize decision-making and automation at the edge, solving complex challenges in managing connected devices and networks. 

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