New! SIMbae™ 3.2 and Configurator Demo

Learn how we revolutionize SIM applet creation and empower you to customize SIM applets for IoT and Private Mobile Network Devices without coding. 

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SIMbae™ is a cutting-edge Java Card SIM applet that is regularly updated to keep pace with market and customer demands. By using no-code configuration scripts, enterprises can effortlessly create customized applets that fit their requirements. The user-friendly interface of the SIMbae Configurator empowers IT departments to effortlessly develop and deploy applets at the department or device level. It also allows for easy updates throughout the SIM’s lifecycle, providing flexibility and adaptability. Compatible with any SIM, eSIM, or iSIM from any SIM vendor or Mobile Network Operator (MNO), SIMbae is a truly universal solution.
Watch below video to learn how you can easily customize prebuilt configuration scripts for common use cases to meet your specific requirements. We will show you how to customize its behavior by making simple parameter adjustments. You will see how SIMbae’s Management Portal (SMP) manages and monitors SIMbae and the unique no code, drag and drop capability of Node Editor in action.


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Swanie Tolentino