Press Release 11/17/2020: Able Device Announces Third Generation Technology Enabling Vendor Independence & A Standards-Based IoT Developer Community

SIMbae 3.0 works across SIM generations, vendors, and platforms while providing an innovative new architecture to simplify feature development.

Raleigh, NC – November 17, 2020Able Device, a pioneer in developing and commercializing standards-based technology to deploy, manage, and enhance Internet of Things (IoT) devices on mobile networks, today announced the launch of SIMbae 3.0, the next generation of its flagship SIMbae offering. SIMbae 3.0 features a modular and innovative new architecture that provides standardized APIs for new feature development, establishes a third-party developer community, and is the basis of SIMbae’s unique framework.

The SIMbae Framework is an embedded application engine that resides on top of a SIM’s OS to enable the development and deployment programs for assuring connectivity, security, diagnostics & support, network efficiency, amongst other possibilities. This robust framework’s resulting benefits include portability across different SIM generations, vendors, MNO profiles, devices, and platforms; as well as facilitating the establishment of an ecosystem for third-party feature development. “While the UICC standard creates the environment to support these capabilities, no other company is leveraging these standards to provide such value-added innovations,” stated Roger Dewey, CEO of Able Device.

In addition to SIMbae 3.0 and the SIMbae Framework, Able Device also announced the launch of the SIMbae Management Platform (SMP) to quickly and effortlessly test and evaluate SIMbae. Because SIMbae’s intelligence is on the SIM, there is no need for management from the cloud. However, Able Device recommends implementing SIMbae with a management platform to evaluate change configurations and to monitor and address exceptional conditions of deployed devices. The newly released SMP provides an easy method for potential customers to run SIMbae pilots and quickly launch new commercial deployments.

With a market size of 1.5 billion IoT devices by 2022, SIMbae can effectively reach all mobile network IoT devices. This exciting growth opportunity combined with Able Device’s unique standards-based method for deploying, managing, and enhancing IoT devices propels the industry forward on a mass scale, ensuring that IoT can truly cover all things.

About Able Device

Able Device, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, provides standards-based enabling technology that simplifies and accelerates IoT application development and deployment on mobile networks. Our innovative technology, SIMbaeTM, allows standard Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs or embedded eSIMs), which are inserted into all mobile devices with Mobile Network Operator (MNO) subscriptions, to act as stand-alone processors that run device management tools and / or applications in IoT devices. By utilizing the processing power of SIMs / eSIMs we’re able to offer a standards-based, yet unique way to shift security, intelligence, and Quality of Experience (QoE) to the extreme edge of a mobile IoT solution.